The Project Manager is responsible for developing a plan, an organisational structure and procedures for achieving the project objectives. This entails developing strategies and procedures covering:

  • The overall planning, general management and control of the project from inception to completion.
  • Ensuring that the owner is kept informed on progress, cost and level of future expenditure; potentially evaluating and issuing variations once they have received the owner's approval, certifying interim payment certificates, final accounts and advising the owner on contractual claims (an additional service).
  • Identification of all statutory requirements: advising the owner of time and cost implications and suggesting alternative methods, if necessary, of meeting these requirements.
  • The division of the work into appropriate packages; the procurement of tenders and assisting with pre-orders and tracking of materials or equipment.
  • The establishment of a health, safety and security policy for the site.
  • Site evaluation and the identification of project support requirements.
  • Assessment of the design for constructibility (an optional service), compliance with budget costs, programme and value for money.
  • Provision of overview advice on project costs and the establishment of cost budgets for the project, which may include lifetime costs (the extent of this service will depend upon the proposed Project Manager’s specific duties).
  • Administration and monitoring of constructor's activities/ Works Contracts (an additional service).